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Today's Deals From Natalie

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Barbering for Men 

Haircut  is $25.00 and up using clippers.
Color for Men to retouch the roots is $50.00.
Beard trim is $15.00 with shampoo & conditioner included .

Women's Services 

Light trim only starts at 25.00

Haircut with style, shampoo and conditioner included . Pricing starts at $60.00 
If we need to finish with hot irons Or Straightener add $15.00 and up , & $20.00 for light curlers .


Retouching Roots is $70.00 and up it depending how many inches of the roots need color.

Refresh the color for new more vibrant look for $45.00

Permanent color -Full head color application for short hair $80.00 and up 

Permanent color -Full head color application for long hair $100.00 and up

All colors treatments include blow dry.


Low light highlights 7 foils   $120.00 and up 
Area highlight-up to 10 foil $140.00 and up
Partial highlights  up to 25 foils $220.00 and up 

Full highlights-Full head of highlights or lowlights using one color $320.00 and up 

Ombré  and Balayage 
Price given after consulting with the clients ,we always use OLAPLEX for all highlights application.

Damaged Hair Treatments 

Consultation Required

Smoothing deep conditioning treatments for dry, frizzy hair damaged by chemicals - $150.00 and up 
It depends on hair length and hair condition .
Time duration :  2 hours or more

Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Consultation Required. 

Pricing Starts at $150.00 and depends on treatments required

Hair Loss Restoration Services 

Consultation Required. 

Time duration 3-4 hours depend on hair length .

Prices start at $495.00 and up. 

Payment plans are available.  


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